Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He's THAT Kid!

My youngest grandson is so adorable.  He's very loving and his favorite thing to do is cuddle.  BUT he is also THAT kid.  You know, the one you hear on the plane screaming because he wants to stand up when it's time to buckle up, or run up and down the aisle.   Yes, he's that one!  He's also the kid who you'll hear in the grocery store asking for a toy or candy or something and upon hearing NO will cry - LOUDLY.  He's also the one who will scream because his brother took a toy, but it was the toy that HE took from his brother first!  He's also very loud - we have to keep reminding him that we're standing or sitting right next to him when he's talking.  Now, I know I'm making him sound like some sort of monster.  He really isn't - but some days, he leaves his parents exasperated!  And rightfully so!

However, he can be so sweet and innocent.  Just this past Easter holiday, his sweetness was confirmed.  He very quietly sat in church on Easter morning (this should have been a clue).  He was actually listening to the Pastor as she spoke about Jesus.  She was talking about the fact that Jesus died.  Well, upon hearing those words, my grandson, (as loud as possible, I might add) turned to my daughter and said, "Jesus is dead!, How did THAT happen?"

Needless to say, the snickers and giggles were obvious but his innocence and honesty got him a huge hug and a quick explanation that could be continued later.

He is so adorable and really not a monster at all.  He's just a little boy who is curious as he learns his way in this big world!

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